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Mariah Carey In Aspen

Leave it to the Diva herself, Mariah Carey, to go around and about Aspen in pretty makeup, very tight jeans and of course, a cleavage-showing jacket. Let’s hope she didn’t freeze after the paps took these photos of the “All I Want for Christmas Is You” singer. Here she is at her parent’s jewelry store in Aspen. Is it just me or is Mariah actually looking really good in these pictures?

Mariah Carey 9.JPG

Mariah Carey 1.JPG Mariah Carey 10.JPG Mariah Carey 2.JPG Mariah Carey 3.JPG Mariah Carey 4.JPG Mariah Carey 5.JPG Mariah Carey 6.JPG Mariah Carey 7.JPG Mariah Carey 8.JPG Mariah Carey 9.JPG Mariah Carey 11.jpg Mariah Carey 12.JPG Mariah Carey 13.JPG Mariah Carey 14.JPG Mariah Carey 15.JPG Mariah Carey 16.JPG


  • What a lovely dog… joking I loooooove this cleavage!!

  • long time no see (:

  • Its quite so long Im not hear any updated news on her. Since no any killer song from her so far make me nearly forget about her. Thru this picture I noticed one thing changes on Mariah. Her cleavage.. hoho..

  • I love the cute looking dog. Is it just me, or does the dog look like it’s trying to get away in each of those pictures? That is one nice cleavage showing jacket.

  • What a cute dog? Must be very secured by it’s diva owner. Think it goes to sleep by those high pitched song. One more eye catching appearance is that cleavage. It always want to pop out, but nice.

  • Errrr… with flat hair showing off her wide forehead.. its as big as her boobs… i’d prefer her with wavy hair… probably she had botox injected in both her boobs and her cheeks… imagine poking it with a needle.. will it explode?? lol..

  • She still look lovely for me, well its a been long time I’ve didnt heard a story about her. Really miss her voice she should be making new album again, and what a cute dog she have . .

  • Again one of those times you wish how great life would’ve been if you were a dog! What a damn lucky dog….Wonder if I could be a dog in my next life :D

  • Man, she is realy hot, nice tits.

    Looks like she is having a great time in Aspen with her dog.

    She is a very good singer, so she deserves to have some fun.

  • I just have to admit. I think I like her smug more than her. The jacket which she is wearing makes her kinda of look a bit out of shape. The only thing I like is the cleavage. Never fails to impress.

  • That dog looks a stuffed toy to me.If he is real, I am so jealous of him now.
    He is so close to Mariah Carey’s huge hooters. lucky bastard.

  • she is so rich…i wanna be her dog…..hope so…

  • always looks fine, always shows off her big knockers, love it

  • great tits, id love to titty fuck this bitch

  • she is horny sexy bitch love it

  • great big knockers on the slut


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