written by Wanda

Mariah Carey Is A Beautiful, Curvy Woman.

I know, I know. Mariah Carey used to be super thin and sexy and now she’s not quite as thin but I still think she’s super sexy. I have to admit though, as hot as I think Mariah is and as talented as I feel she is, I am not looking to seeing her as a judge on “American Idol”. If producers do manage to get Nicki Minaj to sign on as well, I may just have to tune out. Mariah is talented, sure, but she’s also famous for her diva ‘tude and that really turns me off. Of course none of that really matters right now. We’re not talking about “American Idol”. We’re talking about these photos of Mariah from the 2012 NFL kickoff show in New York and in them, I think Mariah is looking pretty fabulous. She might be bigger than she used to be but there’s plenty of room in this world from big, beautiful women and in all honesty, she’s not really all that big. She’s just bigger than she was at one point in time and I don’t see anything wrong with that.


  • she is beautiful, only shallow people think you have to be skinny to be sexy, no sexy is sexy period, you can be big and sexy, she is curvy as hell, i love it, i love women like mariah carey, she is very sexy and her body drives me crazy

  • Who the heck cares if she is not as thin as she used to be? She just had twins for gods sake. She looks great and I think that she should be proud. I would much rather have a woman with curves who feels good about herself than some skinny broad who is self conscious about herself.

    • Very well said, Ashton! I agree entirely!

  • I agree with Ashton as well, Mariah looks amazing. She always has and always will. I love the fact that she can be sexy while packing on a few extra pounds but that is part of the sexiness. She is a hot woman.

  • Mariah looks way better now than what she did years ago. Having a baby has really given her the curves that she needed to make her ultra sexy. I guess having twins really did suit her.

  • she always looks stunning well she is stunning, lovely women with super figure, so curvy its the best figure for women

  • I love curvy women, busty chicks like Mariah much better than these stick thin women, and you just know she would be an awesome shag

  • i boned an overweight mixed race girl the otehr week and she was a real good shag, not to mention fat girls can give a good bj, it all stupid, if you bone a skinny or fat girl is same thing, depends on the girl,

    ND mariah is not fat, stunning and curvy, she is a real women believe me

  • she is one of the hottest milf’s, gorgeous face, stunning body, huge boobs, huge ass, great curves, nice thick meaty legs, she is a powerhouse of a women damn, I would love to have her in my bed

  • she is vein cow tho, every time you see her she is showing off her boobs and legs, she did a performance before singing her her boobs were nearly busting fully out nearly.

    she should have done porn really with that body

  • she is a massive teaser, always does show off her powerhouse knockers and that huge ass of hers, she is so curvy and thick, I love it.

    Goddess and Milf

  • those tits of hers are so big and she always shows them off, my kind of women

  • mariah get in my bed

  • great tits and legs

  • I think a tit wank with Mariah Carey must be the best thing a guy could have in this world?

  • I wish she was in my bed on a cold night, would not kick her out of bed period, goddess her boobs are gigantic, I wish she did full on porn in all honesty same with jennifer Lopez

  • she has awesome boobs