written by Serenity

Mariah Carey Sexy And Steady On Malibu Beach

Unlike a few days before when Mariah tripped on the Jay Leno Show due to a loose shoe strap, she was in perfect form for this photo shoot. Watching her step as she strolled down the stairs from the beach house in a sexy black short ensemble open to the navel was just the start of her sexy walk. Once on the beach she stripped and changed into a white one-piece cutout bathing suit.
Be on the lookout for Mariah’s new movie Precious that could be a start of something big for Mariah on the big screen.

Mariah Carey

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  • Mariah is fat.. but still looking sexy

  • fat lol, get real she is a real women, I love curves and she is stunning

  • justin i agree mate, i prefer slighly chucnkier curvier women to all thses skinny chicks, i date a nice girl who has a bit of meat on her and fleshy its nice and mariah carey is a maor babe, she is gorgeous nice body, great rack, nice big ass, she is very sexy.

    She is not fat in any way, she has curves she looks great as always

  • yummy, id plow that all night i love girls built like her.

    she is not fat, its funny how people now in society any person with a bit of meat on them is regarded as fat, get real.

    Id rather be with a women like her, curvy, thick legs than some skinny blonde bimbo

  • she is a real women, i wish all women had her figure, curves are so sexy

  • now that is one hot ass sexy momma

  • My Dream women, the things I would to her are illegal in some countries

  • I would

  • delicious thick thighs and great big knockers, she is such a fox.

  • I love women built like her what a babe mariah is


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