written by irene

Mariah Carey Shops With Style

Can you imagine if everyone in this world shops like diva Mariah Carey does? Just look at what went down when she paid the Gucci Store in Beverly Hills a visit! Guarded by stocky bodyguards, towing her dog along, showing her cleavage (which is like Mariah’s thing nowadays), wearing a to-die-for pair of sunglasses, stalked by the paparazzi and walking in towering heels, Mariah shows that she shops with style and glamour. I wonder if all these pap photo sessions will pay off for her upcoming album’s launch?

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey shopping Mariah Carey Gucci Store Mariah Carey 3.jpg Mariah Carey 4.jpg Mariah Carey 5.jpg Mariah Carey 6.jpg Mariah Carey 7.jpg Mariah Carey 8.jpg Mariah Carey 9.jpg Mariah Carey 10.jpg Mariah Carey 11.jpg Mariah Carey 12.jpg Mariah Carey 13.jpg Mariah Carey 14.jpg Mariah Carey 15.jpg Mariah Carey 16.jpg Mariah Carey 17.jpg Mariah Carey boobs


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  • mariah just get all your clothes off, most the time she is always cock teasing all guys showing off her great breasts and sexy thick legs, nothing better than a chunky milf like her

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