written by Ann

Mariah Carey Shows Cleavage In Winter

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon look like the perfect couple in their matching winter wear. Cannon was zipped up to the hilt whilst the diva showed off her cleavage in the freezing weather. Don’t you love her diva boots? Carey went for her holiday in Aspen, Colorado. She said her Christmas decorations were at Aspen and so was her celebratory mood. Cannon looked happy with Carey. He had everything he needed, including matching head gear and scarf.

Mariah Carey

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  • Cmon Mariah isn’t Winter out there!?

  • Her husband is one lucky guy!
    Hey Nick, get Mariah knocked up ASAP!
    You’ll be set for life.
    Put a hole in those rubbers! wink! wink!

  • I want to see mariah in the summer, she has great cleavage she is such a babe.

    Lovely boobs

  • one of the sexiest women, fit as fuck she is

  • what a women, showing off her immense knockers even in the cold, I wish all women showed them like this, wow i love this babe

  • very sexy

  • even when it is freezing cold, she still shows her cleavage, god I love this women,