written by Wanda

Mariah Carey Shows Off Her Legs On Good Morning America

Earlier, I wrote a bit about how Nicole Scherzinger’s reported diva-tude changed my opinion of her. Mariah Carey has a lengendary diva-tude but I love her anyway. Why? Because Mariah earned it. Mariah has had the kind of career that warrants a little bit of a diva attitude. She may not have had a major hit in a while but that doesn’t change the fact that this woman has had one heck of a great career. It’s nice to see she’s still at it too. As Mariah performs on Good Morning America, we get to see Mariah back in her element. I wasn’t a fan of her as a judge onĀ American Idol but I can’t argue with her talent as a vocalist and damn, the girl is looking great. I adore Mariah. I hope her next single breaks records.


  • her legs are so great, shame we don’t get a better shot of her big boobs, such a fox

  • I just lov her as whole!!

  • she is really good looking