written by Ann

Mariah Carey Walks Tall In Heels

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon looked like the perfect couple as they made their way back to US. The gossip said that Mariah has started to see the red flags raised by Nick’s extravagant expenditures. He shopped for his heart’s desires using her bank account. However, she has decided to let those things slide and enjoy her new marriage with Nick. In the meantime, Selita Ebanks has expressed her well wishes for her former fiancé and his new marriage.

Mariah Carey

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  • Love the heels!

  • WTF ??????
    ALL the guys in the world, and she marries THIS ??????

    WTF WTF WTF ????

    Pretty ? maybe. She sure as hell aint smart.

  • great thick thighs and ass, so curvy and sexy

  • fantastic, she has a great body, and to think that a tosser nick cannon is plowing it, what a shame really


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  • patricia sherratt { who the mystery man ? }
  • David { Most likely stinky. }
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