written by Ann

Mariah Carey’s Skirt Is Barely There!

Mariah Carey was at the Hard Rock Café in Los Angeles. She was dressed to kill in her tiny weeny itsy bitsy skirt. I don’t know how she could manage to sit in that near microscopic skirt. I’m sure she got all the rednecks hot on her trail as they hoped to get glimpses of some more. This season, Mariah’s wardrobe was all about micro skirts and jacket tops. I think the mini coats make her look top heavy.

Mariah Carey

Hard Rock Café celebrity skirt Mariah Carey, micro skirt Mariah Carey 4.JPG Mariah Carey 5.JPG Mariah Carey 6.JPG Mariah Carey 7.jpg Mariah Carey 8.jpg Mariah Carey 9.jpg Mariah Carey 10.jpg Mariah Carey 11.jpg Mariah Carey sunglasses


  • those are shorts

  • correct!

  • guess hot chicks like she feels very lonely; and so does many chicks on they are on fire wating on the list!!go tiger1!haha

  • I would love to have foot, hand and blow jobs by Mariah, than I would eat her out lick her a*s and go for what ever she wants…