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Marisa Miller Is Winner Of Maxim’s Hot 100

Marissa Miller was declared the Winner of Maxim’s Hot 100 at the Maxim Hot 100 Party. Maxim’s editor, James Kaminsky, defended his choice. He said that Marissa represented the return of the great American supermodel. Many people expressed surprise at his choice. What do you think?

Marissa looked stunning in her mini dress. Her long straight hair, animal print dress and long sexy legs attracted plenty of attention. The daring bare back was seductive and showed her healthy tan.

If you care to read more, below is the list:

1. Marisa Miller
2. Scarlett Johansson
3. Jessica Biel
4. Eva Longoria-Parker
5. Sarah Michelle Gellar
6. Elisha Cuthbert
7. Eva Mendes
8. Christina Aguilera
9. Lindsay Lohan
10. Ashley Tisdale

Maxim’s Hot 100

Marisa Miller Maxim's Winner Marisa Miller 3.jpg Marisa Miller 4.jpg Marisa Miller 5.jpg Marisa Miller 6.jpg Marisa Miller 7.jpg Marisa Miller 8.jpg


  • my winner would have been lindsey lohan. just awesome

  • my winner would have been marisa.
    she should expose atleast her butts to us.


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