written by Ann

Marisa Miller On MTV’s TRL

Marissa Miller showed how well her supermodel looks carried her even when she wore casual attire. She appeared as a guest on MTV’s TRL. She was gracious and smiled a lot. Recently, Marissa and her husband, Griffin Guess, met up with Emmanuel Negedu. Emmanuel is a good high school basketball recruit and he attended the same high school, Brewster Academy, as Griffin. He became good friends with Marissa and Griffin. He has decided to choose a college that is nearby to their home in Santa Cruz.

Marisa Miller

MTV’s TRL supermodel Marisa Miller 3.jpg Marisa Miller attends the show Marisa Miller 5.jpg Marisa Miller 6.jpg Marisa Miller 7.jpg Marisa Miller 8.jpg Marisa Miller 9.jpg hot blonde

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