written by Ann

Marisa Miller Presents Victoria’s Secret Swim 2008

Marissa Miller unveiled Victoria’s Secret Swim 2008 Collection. She had the help of a bevy of beautiful ladies to assist her. The models have been waxed so thoroughly that their skins literally shone in the pictures. Marissa is the perfect face to promote swim suits. She had modeled extensively for swimwear and in Victoria’s Secret catalogs too. She was selected to grace the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue 2008.

Marisa Miller

sexy models Marisa Miller presents swimwear collection Victoria’s Secret Swim 2008 Collection Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue 2008 Marisa Miller 5.jpg Marisa Miller 6.jpg Marisa Miller 7.jpg Marisa Miller 9.jpg Marisa Miller 10.jpg Marisa Miller 11.jpg Marisa Miller 12.jpg Marisa Miller 13.jpg

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