written by Ann

Marisa Miller’s Skin Tight Dress

Marisa Miller was at the Tribe Hyperclub in Montreal during the last weekend. She was there to promote the Formula One week in Canada. Her champagne colored dress was made in a V-neck, stretch satin sheath style. It was skin tight and appealing. Marissa showed her supermodel looks with just a little bit of preening. She has been a lingerie model for Victoria’s Secret for the past 7 years. That was quite an achievement.

Marisa Miller

tight dress Victoria’s Secret Tribe Hyperclub in Montreal Formula One week in Canada supermodel Marisa Miller 6.jpg Marisa Miller 7.jpg Marisa Miller 8.jpg Marisa Miller 9.jpg Marisa Miller 10.jpg


  • sexy.bbbbbbbos.tasty boobs and buttocks.
    please mail me some more

  • wat a real body she has.
    those pumping boobs,really hot butts.

  • she should wear clothes below her breasts.

  • the things i would do with her sexy ass…


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