written by Ann

Marisa Miller’s A Golden Girl

Marisa Miller was in Miami to promote Victoria’s Secret swim line of sexy beach wear. She wore a brilliant cocktail dress that matched the shade of her hair perfectly. She had a good, even skin complexion throughout her body. As the eye traveled over her, the focus point would be her specialities. They were simply temptation galore! Her bubble skirt was quite difficult to carry off but Marisa had worn it well.

Marisa Miller

Victoria’s Secret swim line sexy beach wear Marisa Miller in Miami Marisa Miller is golden girl Marisa Miller 5.jpg Marisa Miller 6.jpg Marisa Miller 7.jpg Marisa Miller 8.jpg Marisa Miller 9.jpg Marisa Miller 10.jpg Marisa Miller 11.jpg Marisa Miller 12.jpg Marisa Miller 13.jpg Marisa Miller 14.jpg

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  • ya,truely she is a golden girl.
    her boobs and butts r more than golden.


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