written by Wanda

Marisa Miller’s Butt Crack

Marisa Miller has been hailed as the return to the age of the great American supermodel and I have to say, I’m inclined to agree. With her appearances in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issues, her work as a Victoria’s Secret angel, her cover work on several magazines and her contracts with the likes of Harley Davidson, Marisa has proven herself to be more than just a gorgeous model but also a versatile one. Here on La Jolla Beach, Marisa spends a little time enjoying the sun and sand with her husband. The only thing that would make these pictures better is a shot or two of Marissa’s Harley Nightster – also known as the bike of my dreams.

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  • No mention at all of her butt crack in the post. I’m hugely disappointed. Grr. Sigh. I’d like to speak to your manager pweese – like pronto. I paid for a butt crack and all I got was crackers. I demand a refund zis once. :-)

    (p.s.: I’ve never heard of Marisa. But I’m sure she’s heard of my little pinky.)