written by Wanda

Megan Fox And Brian Austin Green In Hawaii

I’m not entirely sure how this happened, but for a brief time, I kind of forgot all about Megan Fox. I guess her name just hasn’t been in the headlines as much lately and she doesn’t seem to have been doing much in the way of work. I suppose it really doesn’t matter because I definitely remember her now. Here on the beaches of Hawaii, Megan Fox and her husband Brian Austin Green look fabulous as they always do. I have to admit, I didn’t think they’d last but they seem to still be going strong – looking happy and comfortable together. I am not afraid to admit when I’m wrong and when it comes to these two, I was definitely wrong. I think they’re going to be fine.



  • Maybe she’s enjoying being out of the limelight so much that she’s reluctant to come back to it. I don’t blame her if that’s the case, especially if she can afford to stay away for a while.

    I personally can’t tell if a couple will be just fine or not. The one’s that seem to be doing OK seem to split up the next minute (e.g., Seal & Heidi Klum, Ashley Kutcher & Demi Moore).

  • You make an excellent point, Kaye. I was going to say something similar to that in the post but it slipped my mind. I wrote an article for another site about couples that “made it” but ended up scrapping it as just before I planned to publish it, two out of the three couples on the list announced their separation.

  • The most surprising split for me has been Seal and Heidi Klum. I really thought they were going to last for an extremely good while, especially after what she went through and how strong they seemed. As much as Jennifer Lopez’s relationships haven’t worked out, I didn’t see her split with Marc coming. Neither did I see Moore’s and Kutcher’s. But I guess that’s life.

  • Kaye, us normal folk get together and split up all the time – why shouldn’t it be the same in the celebrity world? The only difference with celebs is everyone gets to hear about it. Celebs go through the same relationship challenges, except that they also have millions of dollars for company!

  • I agree, Gordon. They’re only human — well, most of them are! I guess I’m somewhat of a romantic. When I see a celebrity couple who really look happy together and look made for each other, I feel a bit sad when they split, especially when there are kids involved.

  • Aww, you’re a big softie, Kaye. Absolutely nothing wrong with that. Someone’s got to feel for them.

    p.s.: I’ve always questioned whether Courtney Love was actually human. Courtney Cox aaaand Tila Tequila, but that’s a whole ‘nother story of course!

  • Lol!, stop it, Gordon! Of course they’re human. And they have very human issues too. Which is why they’re the way they are. I think Courtney and Tequila have very big hearts that were damaged in some way when they were younger. Just a feeling I have.

  • There you go again with your big-softitude! It’s quite adorable actually. On you, that is. On me it would look out of shape!

    Maybe stuff happened to the Courtneys, the Lindsay Lohans and the Tilas when they were younger. But they have to take responsibility for themselves as adults and seek the help they need. They have to take responsibility for their own happiness, for their own change. Or else the past will always be in control.

  • You mean Courtney Love, not Courtney Cox, right? I think you meant Love. Was probably just a slip of the tongue.

    Yes, I’m a big softie, me! Can’t help it!

    I agree that they need to get help. But it takes a lot to realize you need it and to actually go out there and get it. That’s a self journey in itself.

    Anyway, I hope Megan and Brian don’t split up anytime soon, or else you’ll have me, lil miss big softie, coming over here to blubber over it. :-)

    Take care, Gordon. Nice talking to ya :-)

  • Yes, sorry, I meant Courtney Love. Quite ironic that her last name’s Love and she seems in dire need of it at times.

    Dear Megan and Brian. You heard lady Kaye. DON’T SPLIT UP, you hear?

    There you go, Kaye. I’ve told them :)

  • For natural buteay I think Mila Kunis tops bothEdit:Lol.. Megan Fox is way better looking than Jessica Alba. I am 100% straight and Megan Fox is the only female that turns me on.

  • I think that she looks like she is having a blast here. I think that she is a pretty gal and Brian is lucky to have her. I would love to just vacation all the time as well. I do not blame her for taking time off.

  • she is hot