written by Ann

Megan Fox In The Swimming Pool

Megan Fox has been photographed on the set of “How to Lose Friends and Alienate People.” With a beautiful face like hers, it is hard to imagine how she could alienate people and lose friends! Megan smiled even in the swimming pool.

Megan Fox has courted controversy by appearing in a movie role topless. Not only has she stripped her top, she has said that she wants to do a movie completely naked. That would be a long, long scene. Or maybe the movie set could be at the make-believe nudist colony at a private beach. Well, Megan has given the shout to the producers so they will brain storm and create a suitable movie for her.

Megan Fox

sexy Megan Fox


  • Megan is my no1 celebrity! If possible, I would like to see more posts of her.

  • Megan nr 1 indeed :) nr 2 Jessica Alba :)