written by Wanda

Megan Fox Is Pregnant And Still Smoking Hot

Brian Austin Green is a lucky man. I am not Megan Fox’s biggest fan but even I can’t deny that Megan is a stunner. Although some other websites are claiming these pictures are the first confirmation of Megan’s pregnancy, I have to point out that no, they aren’t. Megan announced her pregnancy a while back. I would have to call that announcement the first confirmation of her pregnancy. Semantics, I suppose, and not really what’s important here. Megan and Brian have gone through their share of ups and downs but in these photos they look genuinely happy. I like to see that. Again, I’m not Megan’s biggest fan but I’m glad she’s found happiness. I wish nothing but the best for Megan, Brian and their baby.


  • i would bang her so hard, god she is smokin hot. its mad i just watched episode of two and a half men and she was in that and i was just jerking off watching her showing off that great body

  • Gawd, those tattoos suck!

  • Tattoos do suck. You should never put a bumper sticker on a Ferrari.