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Megan Fox Is Topless In Jennifer’s Body

Megan Fox showed off her beautiful body on the film set of Jennifer’s Body. This movie would be released in 2009. It is a dark comedy and horror film that was script written by Diablo Cody. Megan Fox has the leading role as Jennifer. She played a demon who fed on boys. Her best friend Needy was played by Amanda Seyfried. The script for the movie was leaked. So we all know what to expect for Jennifer’s Body.

Megan Fox

Megan Fox Jennifer's Body Megan Fox, filming M Fox Topless Megan Fox Megan Fox is all wet naked Megan Fox Megan Fox 9.jpg Megan Fox 10.jpg Megan Fox 11.jpg Megan Fox, nude Megan Fox 13.jpg Megan Fox 14.jpg Megan Fox 15.jpg Megan Fox 16.jpg


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  • @hareesh:

    the pictures are obviously photoshopped. She never took off the bra at that set. It is clear because the pictures suddenly become blurry and her body is much lighter when those pictures appear. Sorry but that isn’t her nipples and you didn’t see her boobs.

  • @jizzbag:

    This is how they film the movies. Why would they pay her $$$ to acting naked in a movie, if they can just use skin color plaster.
    Pictures are not photoshoped, if you look closer they’ve used plaster.

  • Wow you all are dumb. They’re pasties. If you look hard you can still see her nipples but if you look at the last picture she is in a skin colored top and slipping the pasties on over a robe so no one sees. There is a topless scene in the movie but there are rumors that she uses a double or they will make nipples over her computer pasties with computer graphics It is NOT photoshopped.

  • Correct Skitzer.. people comment before they see pictures lol…

  • Like it would make any difference. She is still hot =) like it or not !

  • Yup, Skitzer is super correct. You all are too busy whacking off to the pics to pay attention to them closely.

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  • God she’s so insanely gorgeous, the fact that she has too much class to actually appear nude makes her all the more irresistible. I feel like a complete pig for even mildly wishing that she were corruptible so that I could see it lol.

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  • and a face to go with them as well.

  • That makes absolutely no sense. How is appearing naked somehow less degrading, or whatever, than actually being naked? I mean, I believe you when you say they’d do something like that, but if the end result looks like a naked Megan Fox, why doesn’t she just get naked?

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  • she is wearing pastie inthe first pic. as for why your guess is as good as mine

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  • Those are her boobs, but she’s not completely naked. Either she is wearing skin colored pasties to cover her nipples or she is wearing a skin colored bra, look more closely. Still FANTASTIC PHOTO

  • I saved the photo and zoomed in, its a pasty. there is no bare nipple there at all.

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