written by Wanda

Megan Fox Looks Unbelievable.

I can sometimes be a bit hard on Megan Fox. I don’t think she’s the next Angelina Jolie as some people seem to think and sometimes, I don’t really find her all that attractive. This is not one of those times. These pictures are incredible. I have to give Megan credit. She really knows how to turn on the sexy for the cameras. I also love the wardrobe choices in these photos. They flatter Megan beautifully and play up her figure. I’ve always been a fan of women with tattoos so Megan appeals to me in that respect. All in all, these pictures are fantastic and Megan looks absolutely stunning in them.


  • These are way too old pics, she does look nice today aswell but just saying.

  • Pics are older but they never been published in a High Quality.

    Well, till now. Just saying :)

    Thank you HQ Celebrity!

    • You were not looking properly. lol.

  • Well, at least I saw Megan now :D

  • Well I do not like the first photo at all. The pants really turn me off. But the rest of the photos are great. I love Megan. She is a hot FOX, no pun intended. She is a good actress that is extremely hot.

  • Megan Fox is a very pretty actress. I loved her in Transformers. She has the classic look that every girl dreams of, or at least I do. Her hair is nice, but her facial features are the best in my opinion.