written by Wanda

Megan Fox Paparazzi Pictures … Kind Of.

I don’t get the point of photos like these ones. I really don’t. Megan Fox clearly doesn’t want her picture taking. It’s obvious from the way she’s rushing around and hiding her face behind her hair. It’s kind of unexpected coming from Megan who has never been shy with the paparazzi but the point remains the same. On this night, outside Jar restaurant in Hollywood, Megan didn’t feel like having her picture taken. And what’s the point of selling the pictures? Look at them! You can barely see the girl. It’s the same as the Miley Cyrus photos I wrote about a while back in which she was covering her face the entire time. Come on. Leave the celebs alone when they’re feeling unphotogenic. It’s only common courtesy. However, I have to admit, I’m loving the sweater Megan chose here. I believe those are llamas. If that’s the case, I need to have one of those sweaters. Now. I freaking love llamas.


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  • Yes this is very unusual that Megan is hiding like this. What is she hiding? Why does she not want anyone to see her? She looks great as always. I think she is so pretty.