written by Ann

Megan Fox Strips Down

Megan Fox is shown on the set of “How To Lose Friends And Alienate People.” Fox strips down to her bra. Simon Pegg, her co-star, gave an interview to chat about his experiences working with Fox. Pegg said she was the most beautiful geek he had ever met. Pegg had a drink with Fox at a bar and they chatted about life. That was when Pegg discovered Fox had many hidden qualities. Pegg said he was astonished by her beauty. We’ll see more of Fox in the movie when it is released on October 3.

Megan Fox

Megan Fox strips


  • Megan Fox is ultimate celebrity in Hollywood!

  • I am a girl and I would like to spend some time with her lol

  • Meg is too perfect. It’s really unfair. But, I love her so…

  • Wow. I think she’s going to be the next Angelina when it comes to hotness. I don’t know of any other actress that oozes sex like this chick does.

  • I’m searching for the word/s to describe this beauty but I dont think there are any that would do her any justice

  • angelina jolie is so last decade! her looks are gone downhill…so has brads after years of being angelina bitch!

    megan is so hot, she was a chubby cute girl on the show Hope and Faith and then just grew into this buxom hottie!

  • i wanna f her