written by Christine

Megan Fox Struts Her Stuff

Here you are seeing the lovely Megan Fox at the premiere of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Man, does this girl really know how to show it off, huh? Pretty, pretty, pretty! Yes, this would be a classic example of a woman that can afford to go form-hugging without embarrassing herself. Personally, I think she could afford a few hamburgers as well, but that’s just me. I’m afraid to put her in the wind or something, it looks like she’d fall right over. But is it just me, or is her behind a little disproportianate to the rest of her body? I mean really, is that natural??

Megan Fox Terminator

Megan Fox Terminator Premiere Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Megan Fox Terminator 3.jpg Megan Fox Terminator 4.jpg Megan Fox Terminator 5.jpg Megan Fox Terminator 6.jpg


  • Well at least she’s covering up those hideous tattoos

  • soo damn sexxy