written by Ann

Megan Fox’s Pink Delight

Megan Fox went to the MTV Movie Awards Show as a pink taffeta party girl. Actually, she looked beautiful, like a princess in her delicate dress. Megan has started filming for Transformers 2. The set is located in Philadelphia. The original cast is re-united and the new face was introduced as Rainn Wilson. Nothing is known yet about the plot but we can expect more action from the robots because one small spy robot escaped the destruction in the previous battle.

Megan Fox

MTV Movie Awards Show Transformers 2 Megan Fox is shining beautiful Megan Fox pink delight Megan Fox 6.jpg Megan Fox 7.jpg Megan Fox 8.jpg Megan Fox 9.jpg Megan Fox 10.jpg Megan Fox 11.jpg Megan Fox 12.jpg Megan Fox 13.jpg Megan Fox 14.jpg


  • =D she should be my girl!

  • Damn i told her not to use that dress but she didnt listen to me :( , now who the hell is going to take care of this boner i got inside my panties xDD ???

  • Man You wish she would be Your cause she is my!

  • you wish – i guess she prefers handsome guys…

  • well but You have to admit that she is awsome!

  • don`t mess with Masta boy, I did…, I had one night with that beauty…
    ok I have no legs right now beacuse of this guy, but was worth it =)

  • unfortunately for You she has a boyfriend :PP
    what a pity boys…..

  • who ? :(

  • Now ii see what guys see in her :) Shes Beautiful . If Only She Could Fix her thumb , then shed Be PERFECT (:

  • BTW ; She would Never Get with you guys. lmfao ; so Pathetic . Stop Trippin’


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