written by irene

Melanie Brown Crunches Her Six Pack Abs

Check out these promo photos for Scary Spice Melanie Brown’s exercise DVD. Entitled “Totally Fit,” the DVD showcases Mel B. as she crunches her already fit body and of course, the six pack! You can really see Mel’s toned body and tight abs in these photos. I can’t help but wonder how Eddie Murphy would react if he sees these! As you all know, Eddie is the biological father of the former Spice Girl’s baby. What do you think?

Melanie Brow

Totally Fit Melanie Brown 3.jpg six pack abs workout


  • Wow ! ;o I want such ABS lol

  • mel b is outstanding she gets hotter as she gets older. fantastic muscle tone

  • Ok..Me or myslef or liked that with Melanie B..Ok.SD..

  • wish I had abs like her