written by Wanda

Melanie Brown Gets Spicy In LA

Oh Melanie Brown, how I’ve missed you. So full of life and personality. Melanie Brown, Mel B, Scary Spice – I don’t care what name this woman goes by. I love her regardless. Back when the Spice Girls were at the height of their fame, Mel B was my favorite. I even have a Mel B Barbie doll. As the years pass, I only love her more. She has the same fiery, fun loving personality she always did and I find that so incredibly appealing. Out of all of the Spice Girls, she was the one I felt embodied “Girl Power” the most. Here in LA, Mel makes me miss the glory days of the Spice Girls but also reminds me that it doesn’t matter how much time passes, Scary Spice will always be able to spice up my life.


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  • she is so hot, her body is so toned, perfect

  • she is well buff