written by Ann

Melanie Brown Has Big Boobs And Tight Abs

Melanie Brown wants to scare us with her tight abdominal muscles and protruding boobs! She will reprise her role as Scary Spice as she shows off how her breasts appear bigger now that her stomach and abs are tight.
Mel B exercises by training with a personal trainer, practicing Martial arts and yoga. She also has dance rehearsals with the Spice Girls. Doesn’t she look great here?

Melanie Brown abs

Melanie Brown Boobs Melanie Brown Melanie B Melanie Brown 4.jpg Melanie Brown 5.jpg Melanie Brown 6.jpg Melanie Brown 7.jpg Melanie Brown 8.jpg Melanie Brown 9.jpg


  • abs!

  • mel b has an outstanding body. those muscles are awesome would love to give you a work out

  • I wasnt really looking at her abs, i was looking at her monster tits!