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Melanie Brown In Black And At The Poolside

Guess who was spotted again lounging by a poolside in Miami, Florida? It’s Scary Spice Girl – Melanie Brown! This girl really is enjoying every minute of her vacation. And why shouldn’t she? After a successful Spice Girls Reunion Tour, she sure does need a lot of Z’s, a lot of rays and a lot of rest! Melanie’s back – this time around in one very skimpy black bikini. All right boys, click for more saliva-inducing photos!

Melanie Brown

Melanie Brown Bikini Spice Girl Melanie Brown 3.jpg Melanie Brown 4.jpg Melanie Brown 5.jpg Melanie Brown 6.jpg Melanie Brown 7.jpg Melanie Brown 8.jpg Melanie Brown 9.jpg Melanie Brown 10.jpg Melanie Brown 11.jpg Melanie Brown 12.jpg Melanie Brown 13.jpg

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  • outstanding always my no1 spice girl


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