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Melanie Brown In Her Tiny White Bikini

The former girl group Spice Girls member Melanie Brown or MelB is stunningly sexy in her tiny white bikini when she was spotted at the Tao Beach Pool for she was chosen to host the Hot Bodies event at the said place. Oh man! Look at her stomach, complete with muscles that only a few can achieve. I find her the perfect host for the event because she has the hot! hot! body. Well maybe for some, the muscles she got can be too much for a woman. During the event, the mom of 2 has signed autographs and pose for photos with fans.

Melanie Brown

Melanie Brown Melanie Brown Melanie BrownMelanie Brown


  • she could compete with those female bodybuilders :)

  • muscles have never looked so hot and sexy. mel has the most incredible body

  • #moy

    yeah.. she could simply join some competition with body like that

  • Love that body of Melanie Brown! I also love how skimpy her bikini bottoms are!

  • she could help me working out… I swear I would do it more often than ever before :p

  • nice abs Mel!!! tell me how do you get them?

  • Great abs you got Melanie !!

  • sexy abs

  • fucking great abs.. she should cover some fitness magazine with that body

  • great abs, I have them too Mel, do I hell lol, she look good

  • what a killer body, 6 pack and all