written by irene

Melanie Brown Smoking In White

Scary Spice Melanie Brown was recently spotted – literally and literarilly – smoking in white! Smoking as in sexy in a white bikini and smoking as in she really was smoking a cancer stick! Yikes, not good for you, sweetie! Kick that habit – if only to preserve your nice voice. Anyhoo – Melanie sure is enjoying her vacation – now that the Spice Girls tour has ended. I wonder what’s next for Scary? By the by, what do you think of Melanie’s tattooed bod?

Melanie Brown

Melanie Brown wearing bikini Spice Girls Melanie Brown Tattoo Melanie Brown 4.jpg Melanie Brown 5.jpg Melanie Brown 6.jpg Melanie Brown 7.jpg Melanie Brown 8.jpg


  • I don’t like tatoos

  • I think Melanie B used to be much sexier than she is now.