written by irene

Melinda Messenger Heats Up Christmas

British glamour model Melinda Messenger is heating things up this Christmas with this ultra sexy Ultima Photoshoot. The television personality, who is also known for her large 34DD breast cup size, is modeling beautifully crafted lingerie and underwear in these photos. Can you believe this pretty lady is already a mom? Melinda also recently launched her perfume called “Delightful.” Would you want to smell like Melinda or do you want to smell her this Christmas?

Melinda Messenger

Ultima Photoshoot Delightful Melinda Messenger heats up Christmas Melinda Messenger in underwear


  • these pics are great for off!
    damn! she looks good!
    i’d love to jump inside that picture with her.
    i have to print these pics out so i can beat it to her over and over!
    crackhead bob

  • what a body wow