written by Wanda

Melissa Riso Is Quickly Becoming One Of My Favorite Women To Post About

Ah, I know. I use the term ‘favorite’ way too often for it to mean anything but that doesn’t mean I don’t honestly mean it when I say it. I post about a lot of women here on a regular basis. Some of them I’m crazy about. Some of them, well, not so much. Melissa Riso is one of the women I’m crazy about and it seems I’m only getting crazier about her with every new set of photos. Take these shots, for example. These pictures from a photoshoot in Los Angeles, California are absolutely stunning. That first picture is brilliant but so are the rest of them, really. I also have to say again that I am a sucker for a woman with tattoos and that tattoo on her stomach is a fine example of why. It’s not overly bold, could be easily concealed for a dressy event but in a bikini, it draws all of one’s attention to that toned tummy. I love this girl. I can’t possibly say enough nice things about her.


  • my god she is in awesome shape, very nice body, nice looking girl too

  • So hot. Loses points for the ink stain. Could have been elegantly hot.