written by Wanda

Melissa Satta And Kevin Prince Boateng Get Sexy On A Boat.

Melissa Satta is a babe. That’s pretty obvious. That ass of hers is amazing. Kevin Prince Boateng is a lucky, lucky man. I like these photos for many reasons. I obviously enjoy the fact that Melissa I get to look at Melissa in a bikini but beyond that Kevin is not too hard on the eyes either. I love a man with tattoos so Kevin is obviously appealing. More than both of those factors though, I like the fact that these two look so happy together. Of course looks can be deceiving but they seem to be having a nice day together. With so many celebrity break ups in the news these days, it’s nice to see a couple that seems to be in a good place in their relationship.


  • She’s been around for a while in Italy. Absolutely incredible body. Look of a freak.

    Over time, she got 7-8 tats, navel piercing, tongue piercing, boob job (not that she needed one per se, but still), lip job and flashier hair.
    And she started dating black.

    Man, she’s like, out of this world

  • stunning

  • Hell of a gangbang body on this ‘ho