written by Wanda

Melissa Satta Looks Incredible As Always

Oh Melissa Satta – I’m not sure why I’m ever surprised by this woman looking incredible. It seems as if looking incredible is just what she does. I suppose that’s just the way it is for some women. They can roll out of bed looking stunning and I suspect Melissa is just such a woman. These photos are exceptional. In my always humble opinion, Melissa has one of the best bodies in the entertainment industry. She’s fit and athletic but also isn’t rake thin. That’s always nice to see. I’m sure she works out a lot to stay in the shape she’s in. It’s nice to see her also taking a little time to relax and enjoy a beautiful day on the beach.



  • Absolutely fucking amazing body.

    This chick got sex written all over her, it’s flashing loud line a neon sign. Every inch of her reeks of it..

  • very nice pics, very good body on her, a very nice ass

  • she is lovely, so sexy she has a wonderful figure, great ass as mentioned