written by Wanda

Melissa Satta Shows Off Her Incredible Body

Melissa Satta, the American-born model and actress, hits Formentera Beach in Spain in a blue bikini and reminds me why I love bikini pictures so very much. What an incredible body. What a beautiful girl. I know there are some folks out there that don’t like tattoos on women but I am not among that group. A well placed tattoo can really be a thing of beauty. Those little stars on her hips drawn attention to that fabulous belly of hers. I don’t know why, but I also really like the bracelets on her wrist. Such a small detail, but they really grab my attention for some reason.


  • what a lovely cameltoe……….

  • Melissa wtf ???? wt assssssssss thx bro

  • This chick’s body is out of control.
    She got 7-8 tats all over.
    She got a navel piercings and a tongue piercing.
    She got a permanent fuck me look
    She’s been seen with all sorts of studs, as long as they had great bodies AND plenty of cash. Now she’s dating black.

    What else can you say: she screams sex and she knows it

  • You’re so right, Melissa’s got a body that says, “FUCK ME NOW!”. And if you got the cash, maybe you get to stick your dick in her hot whore ass.

  • she is hot, great body, i like her star tattoos, i like the other women with her too, all of them would get it to be honest