written by Wanda

Mellisa Clarke Is My Kind Of Girl

There are many, many,¬†many¬†things I love about Mellisa Clarke. Let’s start with the most obvious – her body. That body of hers is just on fire. She’s just so curvy in all of the right places. She also knows how to pose to show off those curvy places and I really like that a lot. She knows exactly how to play up her strengths. Now, what else do I love? Those eyes, those lips, that nose … really, all of her facial features. I also love the dark hair with the bangs. I have a serious soft spot for dark hair with bangs. I think she’s just a stunning creature altogether and these photos really drive that point home. These photos are exceptional. The poses are hot, the lingerie is gorgeous, there’s a fun, flirty feel to the photos and most importantly, they show Mellisa Clarke doing what she does best – looking stunning.

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