written by Wanda

Michelle Rodriguez Is A Babe Unlike Any Other.

Words can’t express the love I have for Michelle Rodriguez. She’s unlike anyone else in the entertainment industry. She’s strong, confident and she looks phenomenal in a bikini. Some people argue that she’s too masculine but I don’t think that’s the case. Strength and masculinity are not necessarily one in the same and Michelle proves that. In these photos from Cannes, I have to admit I’m not really loving the black and flesh tone bikini but I love the way Michelle looks in it all the same. I think she’s stunning and I get a little too excited when I see her name on my assignment list. She’s had her problems but haven’t we all? She is who she is and she isn’t willing to make any apologies for that. I admire and respect that. If I could choose any celebrity to hang out with for the evening, Michelle would definitely be high on my wish list.


  • Michelle looks hot here. I have loved her for a while now. She did an exceptional job in Avatar. I first noticed her on Lost and have been a fan since then. She has a great body and is a fine actress.

    • She was absolutely freaking fantastic in “Girlfight”. If you haven’t seen it and you’re a Michelle fan, I’d recommend checking it out. It was her first role which also happened to be the first movie I saw her in and I’ve been in love with her since then. It was released in 2000, not the one released a year or so back with Anne Hesche (although that one was pretty good too).

  • Thanks for the photos I never realized how smoking hot her body was.

  • I never really cared for Michelle in Lost. I thought that she was sort of harsh in that role. But I do agree that the Avatar role fit her well. I can not say that I am a huge fan of hers but she does look pretty good here.