written by Ann

Mila Kunis’s Bare Back Gown

Mila Kunis attended the Chrysalis Butterfly Ball with her date, Macaulay Culkin. They had been dating since 2002. Mila wore an elegant bare back gown for the Ball. Mila is a practicing Jew. She said that she faced prejudice in her native Ukraine. She had relocated to the US in 1991. Some of her relatives who were in Europe had been exterminated in the Holocaust. Mila had glaucoma before and the treatment changed the natural color of her eyes. She wears contact lens to mask the differences.

Mila Kunis

red dress Ukraine, Mila Kunis Mila Kunis 3.jpg Mila Kunis 4.jpg Mila Kunis 5.jpg Mila Kunis 6.jpg Mila Kunis 7.jpg Mila Kunis 8.jpg Mila Kunis 9.jpg contact lens Mila Kunis 11.jpg

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