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Miley Cyrus And Ashley Greene In France

Miley Cyrus continues filming “Lol” in Paris, France at the Trocadero Fountain with co-stars Douglas Booth and Ashley Greene and I’m still as conflicted as ever about this movie. I’ve made no secret my deep, deep affection for Ashley Greene and my rather irrational distaste for the Cyrus girl but the movie doesn’t look all bad. The mere fact that Miley is in it shouldn’t be enough to dissuade me from seeing it and it probably won’t be. I’ve been surprised before. I saw Repo! the Genetic Opera despite Paris Hilton being in it and it’s not one of my favorite movies. Could LOL be next? Probably not, but hey, Ashley Greene is a babe, so the movie will at least have that going for it.

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  • deeply in their dirty mind they wanted to make out!!!