written by Wanda

Miley Cyrus Flashes Some Side Boob

‘Just breathe’ indeed. Oh Miley. I just can’t even find the words. It takes a pretty special performer to flash side boob on the red carpet and what may be a little camel toe on stage. Now we all know Miley has ‘just breathe’ tattooed on an area that, while not necessarily indecent, still isn’t on a place we should be able to see. I have so much to say about these pictures but, really, it will just turn into another giant rant about how much I loathe this chick. Instead, I’ll say the only thing nice I can say about these pictures. This is Miley Cyrus at the MTV Europe Music Awards. The end.

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  • I bet her snatch smells like sushi.

  • i want to get a set of her used panties

  • i’m with aman.. id love to smell and taste that girl

  • Roger, Aman, Billy, the three of you need help. I suggest you go get it for the sake of your loved ones.

    Oh, and Billy, there’s a difference between a woman and a girl. Miley is a woman.

    I think Miley’s at a place where she’s trying really hard (too hard) to shake off the Hannah Montana image. She’s also exploring the power of her sexuality. Nothing wrong with that. However, I do hope she grows to realise that there’s more than one way to do that and that it doesn’t have be all crotch, leotards and pretentious lesbo-reenactments (which is the part that saddens and irritates me).

  • Oh silly Tanya, I usggest you lighten up. If this little tramp doesn’t want people drooling over her snatch, then she shouldn’t be waving it around iin public. VIVA LA POONTANG! xoxo

  • Roger, I repeat, there’s lots of help out there. Go get it. In fact I can give you a number you can call.

    You’re the one that’s silly to assume what she smells like. Or to call her a tramp. I might not particularly like how she’s rocking in those photos, but it doesn’t mean I’m going to insult her, neither should you.

    Grow up.

  • I wonder if she’d like it doggy style.. maybe some anal WOO!!!

  • Billy19, like Tanya advised Roger Dodger, you both need help. With it being a new year, now’s a really good time to wipe the slate clean and get to the bottom of why you have little respect for yourself. Maybe you’ll meet Roger and become the best of friends, or lovers. Then you can get all the anal you want.

    Take care…

  • She flaunts that little pussy; she wants cock

  • i think Tanya needs help, maybe about 12 iches of solid manmeat

  • I’m with you Jonny. Maybe Tanya and Clay can get together and bang each other, that should loosen them both up. They are both dumbasses. This site isn’t National Review, what do they expect? And thanks for the advice both of you, but I couldn’t give two shits about what either of you says or thinks. Go cry to someone who gives fuck.