written by Ann

Miley Cyrus’ Floral Swimsuit

Miley Cyrus was on the set of “Hannah” when these pictures were taken. She looked really pretty and fair in her floral swimsuit . Miley has been hit by another scandalous picture controversy. Writers passed on photos that were supposedly hacked from Miley’s cell phone memory card. The pictures showed Miley in a wet T shirt in the shower and various other poses. A new controversy has erupted that claimed these photos were fake ones.

Miley Cyrus

sexy Miley Cyrus Miley Cyrus 4.jpg Miley Cyrus by the beach Miley Cyrus 6.jpg Miley Cyrus 7.jpg Miley Cyrus 8.jpg Miley Cyrus with friend Miley Cyrus 10.jpg

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