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Miley Cyrus Goes Casual In Toluca Lake

I’m pretty hard on Miley Cyrus most of the time. There’s something about the girl that irks me, but I have to admit, the girl is looking pretty good in these pictures from Toluca Lake. Maybe it’s the fact that all the popstar pretense is gone. She isn’t wearing some crazy, revealing getup and flashing her junk for the world to see. She looks like a normal girl stopping for a bottle of water in her cutoffs and a comfy looking sweater. I like this side of Miley – the normal girl that doesn’t feel she needs to put on a show for attention. I know there are a lot of secrets Miley is hiding from the world and she’s been up to some not-so-innocent behavior but seeing these pictures gives me hope that she’s not as wild as she sometimes acts.

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