written by Wanda

Miley Cyrus Goes Wild At The MMVA’s

Well Miley, you’ve really come a long way since we last saw you at Rock in Rio. You not only forgot your pants for your performance but your shirt too. Someone’s really getting forgetful – hitting the stage at the MuchMusic Video Awards in nothing but her underwear. Later on, Miley found her pants but forgot the rest of her shirt, showing nearly everything in shirt that consisted of strategically placed black strips. Sure it may seem inappropriate that a girl that isn’t yet eighteen years old is parading around in next to nothing, but she has to do something to distract people from the fact that she has very little talent and it works. Miley says she can’t be tamed. Apparently, she also can’t be convinced to put some clothes on.

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  • Is this closeup pussy shot of Miley? She gone so bad… it hurts me!!

  • Omg man this is so wrong… why would any celebrity wear dress like this? Did Miley turn 18 yet or just pretending?

  • Umm gross, you can almost see the whole crotch area…she sure doesn’t care about modesty does she?

  • shes lost her virginity wearing this tight dress

  • I want to taste her.. So damn sexy..

  • mmmm

  • man she is so hot i would love o fuck her

  • wtf miley may be sexy for her age but thats no reason to dress like a bloody whore *have a little more shame even 16 year olds wouldnt dress as trashy as you*


  • Miley and her pussy are laughing all the way to the bank. By the time she is 18 she can even laugh harder… particularly at the fools like me that even take the time to write anything about this girl while the real f*** story in our lives are at our own house, not necessarily Miley’s.

  • I can understand that she wants to be a “grown up”,but that doesn’t mean she’s gotta dress like a slut.She’s making herself liked for the wrong reasons.Just wait,she’s gonna get knocked up by some guy then she’ll wonder what led to that,and she’ll probably want everyone to feel bad for her.Take my advice,and NEVER FEEL BAD FOR THAT SLUT!

  • She’s tryin her darndest to be a liddle like Britney was @ 17 but i fink showcasing her privates @ such a young age is goin a bit too far!
    Damn gurl put some clothes on…btw wea the f**k are her parents?

    Peace me outtie!

  • Yeah, what the Hell??
    I’m not gonna let my daughter watch this stupid whore, anymore!

  • You guys need to stop being so freaking judgmental and complaining about other peoples lives. I am not taking her side on this or anything but god damn it’s her life let her do what she wants with it! Don’t you guys have your own problems to worry about?

  • Wow that looks like a sweet tasting pussy Miley. I want to sleep with you.

  • id like to be one of her dancers all id have to do is dry hump her and id be fucking the shit out of her!!!!!!she is os fuckin hot that be a dream cum true for me.

  • This young woman, does have a mind of her own,(or does she!!!!) & if she wants 2 b showin’ her bits, thats up2 her. But she could have waited a couple of more years – give people time to imagine wat her ‘bits’ look like – or perhaps she’s doing it, ’cause she doesn’t think she gonna be around,all that long!!! I’m female, & I think she’s cute, young GIRL, but not a sexy WOMAN. Well, good luk miley, but I think u’ve put it all out there, 2 soon – 2 b hnest, I really dont even know what u sing……& y r u still on that poxy disney show……

  • serously, this shit is effing nasty.
    miley cyrus is a slut.

  • I’d like to wear that girl like a hockey mask! Taste every bit of her body!

  • I want to slip my hard cock inside of this tasty little morsel

  • i dont care how old she is she would get the best fucking all night long

  • John, Anons, Aman, Austin,

    Your perverted pretentiousness is easy to see through. The internet is giving you delusional sexual bravado. The reality is that if you really were to meet Miley Cyrus, you’d be a dribbling pathetic wreck.

  • Hey Evan, my dick would be dribbling… all over her face.

    PS – It’s driveling, not dribbling – moron.

  • Your member dribbling over her face? Yeah. Right. Is that a dream, or a dream within a dream?

    p.s.: I’d much rather be a moron who committs typos then be whatever you think you are.

    There. Another typo. Oh my, two. Or is it three? Destined for hell, me.

  • I want to be like the lesbian dinosaur with Miley, lick a lot of pussies :D