written by Wanda

Miley Cyrus In Floral Sundress

It’s been a while since I’ve had the chance to rant about my distaste for Miley Cyrus and it seems it’s going to be a bit longer. I think Miley looks adorable in her little sundress – not overly sexualized. Not flashing more skin than she needs to flash. She looks fresh, youthful and happy. I like this Miley. The popstar Miley who is catching heat for writhing around half naked on a bed (and various other places) in her new video for ‘Who Owns My Heart’, I can do without. Why can’t Miley just be herself? She can’t really sing, but I’ve heard worse out there. If she actually put real, human emotions into some of her music, she might be okay. It makes me angry that it’s considered generally acceptable to let her pass on sex and seduction but little else. She’ll look back on these days in time and realize she made all the wrong decisions. It’s a shame her career will probably be over by then.

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  • What’s with the Japanese schoolgirl pose on every photo?