written by Wanda

Miley Cyrus Is All Grown Up

Miley Cyrus is a woman now and she wants everyone to know it. She is no longer the little girl that made Hannah Montana a household name. The Disney days are far behind her. I mean, just look at the dress she’s wearing here with the Bieber at Madison Square Garden. She flaunts her body for money right alongside her poptart peers and yeah, she looks pretty darn good. My problem is that I miss the old Miley. Sure she can’t be tamed. We get it. She’s a young girl breaking free of her good girl bonds. The problem with that is I can’t help but wonder if she was ever really a good girl at all. She has been playing staring roles in scandals since she was sixteen. If she really wants to be taken seriously in the music industry, she has to start putting out some decent music and stop flaunting her body. I mean, it’s all very been there done that at this point and in Miley’s case, it’s been there, done that, seen better.

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  • Agreed. Her “music” blows. I mean she’s the daughter of that early 90s crusty old line-dancing fart for gawd’s sake.

  • eeek. All grown, but nowhere to go talent-wise. lol And that other twurp, good gawd. They belong together! lol

  • I have to admit, I like The Climb. I don’t like that I like it, but I do. It’s nothing new or exciting though. At least when Christina Aguilera did her whole slut-tastic thing, she had the vocal talent to back it up. Cyrus has… um… a nice rack? I think that’s really about it. And yes… line-dancing old fart indeed. At least he can teach her how to be a has been in a year or two when no one knows her name anymore.

  • Haha, totally with you there Wanda.