written by Wanda

Miley Cyrus Makes A Starbucks Run

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. The Miley Cyrus in these photos is the Miley Cyrus I love. When she’s all glammed up for videos or live performances, I feel like she’s being so phony – more so than most of the other celebs out there. She just doesn’t strike me as the glamorous type. She seems like a girl who likes to be comfortable and casual. I think that’s why I like these pictures of her leaving Starbucks in Hollywood so much. This is just Miley being Miley. She doesn’t look perfect but she does look like someone I’d like to get a coffee with. She looks like she’s being herself and that’s appealing to me.



  • What a bizarre outfit. Are those pantyhose that are made to look like stockings??

  • Interesting outfit. Individual. Hip Hop Anon, yes, you might be right, I think those are pantyhose designed to resemble stockings. It looks like it anyway.

    How do these people get these pictures? Do they follow Miley around everywhere she goes?

  • Camii, I think they do follow her around. I can’t think how else they would know where she’d be…unless they’re psychic. They’re stalkers, without the danger of prosecution. She’s only going to get a cup of coffee for God’s sake.