written by Wanda

Miley Cyrus Nude Photos Leak?

So whilst browsing the internet a few moments ago, I spotted a story about leaked nude Miley Cyrus photos that apparently hit the net yesterday morning. I haven’t seen them and there’s a reason for that. I don’t care. I mean, I really, honestly couldn’t care less. I think Miley is beautiful, as you can see in these photos from the official album release party for Bangerz¬†(still the dumbest album name of all time – or close to it – if you ask me) at The General in NYC, and I like her new style but haven’t we pretty much seen her completely nude already? What’s left to see? Nipple? Vag? Eh, not interested. ¬†Related question though, is it time to be concerned that Miley could be heading down Spears Road yet or should I wait a little longer?


  • I just ruined my keyboard ;)

    • awesome miley!!

  • awesome awesome miley!!!

  • Most likely stinky.


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  • { awesome miley!! }