written by Wanda

Miley Cyrus On Stage In Quito

Miley Cyrus is on Twitter again! Are you excited? I dunno… Miley… sort of bothers me. I think I’ve mentioned this before. Yes, I definitely have. I much prefer seeing candid, casual Miley pics – the ones where we can see who she actually is. I am starting to feel a lot of sympathy for her though. I think there’s a tremendous amount of pressure on her to be someone she isn’t. I hope she makes it through the next few years intact. The world has had enough popstar trainwrecks. Here Miley performs at the Atahualpa Stadium in Quito and she’s still doing the wearing next to nothing thing on stage. I just don’t find that appealing for Miley. It’s such a radical change but hey, if it’s her call, kudos to her for doing things her way. I sincerely doubt it is though.


  • Miley is so cute

  • Soooo to be a famous artist u should dress like whore?

  • Trollface, what is wrong with the way she is dressed? I find that she looks great. I wish I had the confidence to pull this look off. But I never would. Not even in the privacy of my own home would I be able to do this but Miley has a great body for it.

  • She is a cute little monkey