written by Wanda

Miley Cyrus Rocks A Bun In LA

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I love casual Miley Cyrus. There’s just something about this girl when she’s just running around town being herself that appeals to me. Here in LA, Miley is the epitome of casual. She’s just out shopping in clothes ready for the gym (perhaps her eventual destination) with her hair pulled back in a bun with little or no makeup on and she looks absolutely adorable. When she gets all glammed up for photo shoots, music videos or live performances, I find she loses a lot of that natural appeal and that’s kind of sad. I know she probably doesn’t have a whole lot of say in what she wears in a professional capacity so should anyone ever stumble across this post – somebody that has some say – I offer this; leave Miley alone. Let her wear what she wants to wear. I think the result would be something really appealing and really different than what many of the other starlets out there are doing.


  • Miley is a beautiful young lady. And I agree, she looks even more beautiful without make-up. I think if you’re in the public eye, then you’re going to be open to criticism and Miley is no exception. I don’t condone some of the things that people say, but that’s the way it is.

  • RogerK, I understand that if you’re a public figure, you’re open to criticism, but there should also be the other side of the coin: praise. Public figures aren’t exempt from being praised too (when they do something that warrants it of course).

  • …and I totally agree with you, Mel. I was just addressing all the flak she gets at times. No one’s perfect – it ain’t easy growing from a girl to a woman in the public eye. I think she should be given a break. She’s entitled to experiment and find herself as she turns into a woman.

  • I hate the way she gets vilified when she wears skimpy clothes. I mean there are some things she wears that make me wonder, but it’s no reason for me to be rude about it. I can still express my view while being respectful. That’s the part I hate – the disrespect.

  • Again, I hear you, Mel, and that’s the sad side of being entitled to one’s opinion. However, they’re entitled to it. I try not to bother myself with that too much as it’s easy to get sucked in.

    I think Miley is a lovely young woman who’s achieved a lot and will hopefully achieve a lot more in the future.

  • Yes, I think she’s lovely. I got into her because my nephews used to watch Hannah Montana a lot. They don’t now, but I’ve kept my eye on her over the years.

    She looks gorgeous in those pictures, in a bun and hardly any make-up on, in the simplest of clothes.

  • just wanted to throw this is because I’m afraid I’ve been misinterpreted. I don’t have a problem with Miley CHOOSING to wear skimpy clothes in videos or on stage but I don’t think it’s a choice she’s made on her own. I think it’s been a direction she’s been pushed in. Some people (Rihanna, Katy Perry, Christina Aguilera and even Britney Spears to an extent) just seem comfortable with their sexier side and Miley doesn’t seem to be. Of course she’s still very young and likely still trying to figure out who she is. I guess I’m just afraid for her. We’ve seen so many other girls her age head down the wrong path and I think some of the choices Miley’s made in her personal life make me worry about her more than, say, Selena Gomez or girls in her age bracket. I want the best for her. I really, honestly do. I have really high hopes that she’s going to have a long career if she wants it or a more quiet life if she decides that’s of more interest to her. It has just always struck me that she’s more comfortable when she’s more dressed down. It just comes across as forced or phony to me when she’s all dressed up. She just seems like the kind of girl that prefers to throw her hair back, put on some comfortable clothes and head out. That’s not the kind of girl you often see recognized or praised in the entertainment industry and I feel like there may be pressure on her to be more sexual to sell more records. I think she’s more appealing when she’s just being herself. Again though, I don’t know her. Maybe she’s both and I’m judging her too harshly. It all comes down to fear and rather irrational fear as I have no real involvement with her. Anyway, that’s just what I think. Like you’ve both said, everyone is entitled to their opinion. I just wanted to clarify in case I didn’t really get across what I was trying to get across in the post.

  • Wanda, you haven’t been misinterpreted at all. Mel and I were referring to the general hoo-ha she tends to get from some folks when she wears skimpy clothes on stage and in some of her vids. But thanks for explaining things further.

    • I have to confess, I have – on occasion – been part of that hoo-ha. I think as time passes I’m easing up on her just a bit. I’m trying to give her the benefit of the doubt. I’m hoping whatever she does in her life and her career is what she chooses to do. I guess that’s the bullet point I’m want to make.

  • Everybody is a sensual being. Miley’s discovering hers. Unfortunately, there’s also the pressure to be a certain way to sell records. Like you said, Wanda, she might like being raunchy on stage and if so, good for her. That means she owns it. However, if she’s doing it because she feels she must do it, because she feels pressurised to do it, then it’s a problem.

    • That’s exactly what I was trying to say, Mel! Perfectly said! I have no problem with girls who own their sexuality but the pressure is what scares me. I could be entirely wrong about Miley. That has been known to happen from time to time.

  • I think women are the subject of criticism and ridicule all the time, in a way that men are not. I also think women are under pressure to conform in a way men aren’t. It’s pretty crazy. And unfair. And I think it’s getting worse.

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  • I definitely think you have a great point Koa. But also, if an iindvidual wants to express their passion through a tattoo, there’s nothing wrong with that either. A tattoo is a personal choice, and some want that as their daily reminder of their cause or reasoning. Now, if they think that a tattoo is the coolest way or the only way, then yes, that’s a problem. As long as they know there are other outlets (which you explained well), if they still choose to get a tattoo to express their view, it shouldn’t be a problem this is assuming the child is of age and fully aware of what they are doing.

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