written by Wanda

Miley Cyrus Rocks Fishnets With Cutoffs And I Approve.

Miley Cyrus does not need my stamp of approval. She has legions of fans who love her and is engaged to a gorgeous guy who also has legions of fans. Things are going pretty well for Miss. Cyrus. With that said, she may not need my stamp of approval but for this look, she’s going to get it anyway. In the last few days, I’ve posted about Lady Gaga and Aubrey O’Day rocking a look similar to this one but there is one thing Miley’s look has that their didn’t – pants. Bold pantyhose/tights are trendy right now and Miley cashes in on that trend but has the common sense to slide a pair of black cutoffs on over the tights and to me, that makes all the difference. The look is still a little bit trashy (it’s hard to make fishnets look anything but), yet it doesn’t cross the line into too trashy. Miley has really been maturing as of late. Perhaps it’s the impending nuptials or perhaps it’s just a natural part of getting older, but I’m really starting to like this girl – at least in terms of her fashion choices.

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