written by Ann

Miley Cyrus’ Sexy Shorts

Miley Cyrus was at Paradise Cove for filming. Her mother, Tish Cyrus, was on hand to supervise and keep a watch on the proceedings. Nobody wanted a repeat of the Vanity Fair photo controversy. Miley, wearing sexy shorts, was carried on a surfboard and made to appear as a diva with plenty of guys swarming to get her attention. Miley’s new music album, Break Out, would be out in the stores on July 22.

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus in shorts Miley Cyrus having fun Miley Cyrus 3.jpg Miley Cyrus 4.jpg Miley Cyrus 5.jpg Miley Cyrus 6.jpg Miley Cyrus 7.jpg Miley Cyrus 8.jpg Miley Cyrus 9.jpg sexy shorts Miley Cyrus 11.jpg Miley Cyrus 12.jpg Miley Cyrus 13.jpg Miley Cyrus 14.jpg Miley Cyrus 15.jpg on a surfboard Miley Cyrus 17.jpg Miley Cyrus 18.jpg


  • I she really 15yr old?

  • i have shorts like that so i dont think its inappropriate

  • Miley’s butt is looking pretty good in those shorts. From looking at her mom, I bet she’s going to fill out even more in the next couple of years and have a really nice figure.
    Can’t wait!

  • I love her that’s it………..

  • what a tasty pussy! bubblegum maybe…..